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I'm Naomi, a 22 year old Chemical Engineer who has recently made the change to a Paleo diet. Don't know what a paleo diet is? Michelle Tam of "Nom Nom Paleo" explains it well (and with pictures!) here

While my spare time is filled with playing ultimate frisbee, reading about (and buying) clothes and books (so many books), my thoughts wander to food all most of the time. 
My journey towards a paleo diet was fueled by never ending tummy problems; sore stomachs, bloating, headaches and other...unmentionables. I was brought up in a healthy family, my mum is a dentist so there was never too much sugar lurking in the pantry.

Though I have always had a pretty weak stomach, I get car, air and sea sick but it was never really a problem until I went to University. I spent my first year in a uni hostel, where the food was provided, and proceeded to put on the fresher 5kg (cough...7). The food change unwittingly put my stomach and body into panic mode. I was eating more and exercising less, which started to take it's toll on my previously fit physique and happy tummy.I didn't seek help for this until 3 years later when I started my first job out of uni. 

I couldn't just skip lectures if I had a sore stomach any more and those sick days started to get expensive. A doctor recommended a low FODMAP diet to me, after some advice from my boyfriends sister and reading Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution" I decided I may as try full paleo. The low FODMAP already cut out gluten and dairy, it wasn't much of a jump to get rid of all grains. Since I have started working things have been getting slowly better throughout 2013.

This blog is dedicated to my quest for a healthy lifestyle; through good food that is good to you in return. I'll  throw some fitness in there too, I believe it plays a big part in keeping your body feeling great!

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